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2022 Faculty Mentoring Award Winner

Dominic Klyve

Dominic Klyve (KLEE-vee) is a Professor of Mathematics at Central Washington University. He is the author of more than 60 papers in number theory, the history of mathematics and science, and applied statistics. His interdisciplinary works have appeared in journals ranging from Gastrointestinal Endoscopy to Shakespeare Quarterly. For the last six years, Klyve has served as a PI on $1.5 Million grant from the National Science Foundation to develop classroom materials to teach mathematics from Primary Historical Sources. During 2021, he took a leave of absence from his university to work in the role of “Lead Polymath” at Know Labs, a Seattle-based tech start-up. He was a 2014 winner of the MAA’s Alder Award, a national teaching award for young faculty who have a demonstrated impact within and beyond the classroom. He currently serves as Editor of the College Mathematics Journal.