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The CUR MCS Media team has decided to create some photo collages featuring our current CUR MCS Division Members. We appreciate your participation in providing your photos for each of the following photo collage themes:

  • Fruit
  • Hats/Headwear
  • Fav T-Shirt
  • COVID Mask
  • Treasure
  • Animal/Pets
  • Flower

To help us in creating the best photo collage, please provide high quality images. The image should feature your face along with the given theme, and no other people. Feel free to choose from existing images you already have, or go take new photos of yourself with the given themes, or you can even upload a virtual background in Zoom and grab a screenshot (just like Kristin’s flower image). Please provide your images by uploading them to the form below.

Kristin & La Toria’s Sample Images:

Send Us Your Images